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Borucan Indian Masks at Selby Gardens

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On my recent and extremely short trip to Florida, we spent some time at Selby Gardens.

Selby Gardens is a fantastic place in Sarasota, Florida.  There mission is to “further the understanding and appreciation of plant life, with emphasis on epiphytes, and to provide enjoyment for all who visit the Gardens”.  They live up to their mission. 

We stumbled upon their Borucan Indian mask exhibit at the gardens.  It was the last day for it.  These masks were not only on exhibit, but were also for sale.  Unfortunately, the price of each was beyond what my pocketbook was willing to cough up that day.  If I had the money to spend, I would have gladly paid for at least one of these beauties. 

The Boruca is one of Costa Rica’s few remaining indigenous groups.  They are known for their artwork. 

 I wish the photographs could do these masks justice.  They are more beautiful in person and you can appreciate the fine detail that is put into these. 


The Boruca Indians have been making masks for centuries.  Recently they began making commercial masks to improve their economic situation.

The masks are more colorful than they once were.  Some are made from cedar, but the original masks were made of balsa wood and weren’t painted. 

Unpainted?!  Can you imagine?  I’m sure they were beautiful, but the colors are fabulous.

Only a few selected members of the community made their masks in secret.  The masks were then discarded after the ceremony of the Danza de los Diablitos – Dance of the Little Devils. 

The Danza del los Diablitos is performed every year in remembrance of their resistance to Spanish colonization.  The other masks, carved in devil-like human forms, usually display horns – representing the Boruca. 

“The mask, with or without color, is an indispensable element, because without the masks there would be no devils, and without the devils there would be no Boruca.”  – Fernandez

Throwing rocks

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“A boy’s will is the wind’s will, and the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts.” – Unknown

Throwing rocks in the pond is our new afternoon hobby.

The Great Momness in You All

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I woke up this morning and laid in bed thinking of all of the moms I know.  I thought about all of your different journeys of motherhood.  I realized that many of you have had rough patches of your life as a mom.  I realized that you all might not have become a mom in a “traditional” way.  I realized that all of us moms have dealt with the heartbreak of being a mom in one way or another.  

I know moms that

have many children,

moms that weren’t able to have children and opened their hearts and lives to children that weren’t their blood and made them their family,

moms that were able to have children and added other children to their families to give those children a better life,

moms of twins,

moms that have lost a child,

moms that have paid lots of money and have done unthinkable things to their bodies to have a child,

moms that were young mothers,

strong, single moms,

moms that are moms to dogs,

moms that are moms to horses,

moms that have set their careers aside to stay home with their children,

moms that attend college to give their children a better life,

moms that have husbands in the military,

moms who are in the military,

moms who love others like they are their own children,

moms who are wonderful aunts, grandmothers, sisters and friends,

and moms who are no longer with us.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!   You are greatly appreciated!


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It’s my husband’s birthday today.

I was surprised to see a card in the mail today that was addressed to me.  Weird.  Then I recognized the handwriting.  Even more strange because I don’t usually get cards from this person.  My birthday was last month – and she was out of town…maybe it was a belated birthday card?  She had never gotten me a card for my birthday before.  I was already thinking it was very nice.  I opened the card and quickly realized it wasn’t a birthday card – it was a Mother’s Day card – which was even MORE unexpected.  I laughed immediately when I saw it and quickly realized…she does get me. 

Inside it said:


Happy Mother’s Day!

This meant a lot to me because her and I just had a short conversation about how I don’t care for Mother’s Day since becoming a mother myself.  Those of you who know me well know what I mean.  I’m not sure if I have ever had a good one. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my mother.  I just don’t like the day. 

I also had been struggling with my 3-year-old all day today.  He has more piss and vinegar in him than my other two children combined.  My sister-in-law recently said that “terrible twos” lasts until they are 4.  It’s the truth.  I *might* have told my 3-year-old today that he needed to “please stop” crying and whining while in Walgreens or they might have to escort me out of there in handcuffs. 

I also had an issue at work that set the domino effect in motion for not getting everything done today and changing my plans around for next week.  Wasting my time that I don’t have to waste. 

So when I read this card and saw who it was from.  I laughed, and then not soon after broke down in tears…because if you follow this blog, or know me at all you know that is how I roll.  tears.

Thank goodness for nap time. 

Happy Mother’s Day to you all out there…who’s husbands don’t see or do the magic that you seem to pull out of your hat (or ass) on a daily basis.  You rock!


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Yep, that’s right…I pick favorites.

*Everyone does, they just act like they don’t*

These people are in my Top 5 Favorite People of All Time.

I could list many reasons why they make that list.  I think the most important reason is because there is so much unconditional love between us.  You don’t find unconditional love many places.  These people love me for me, for who I am – not for things I have or have not accomplished, my job I hold, or how much money I do or don’t have.  They will take me as I am. every. day.  They welcome me and my family to their home with open arms – if it is for 2 weeks or a day.  They spoil me.  constantly.  In the past 6 months I learned what it is really like to grieve for someone – for their loss – to feel their sadness with everything I have in me.  That was something I never knew existed.  I knew I could have compassion and empathy for someone.  For those of you who know me well, I joke with my husband that I could be a professional mourner because I will cry with you over the loss of your loved one and genuinely feel sad for you.  They experienced a loss that effected me in a way that I hadn’t expected.  I physically hurt because they hurt.  I hurt in ways I never knew possible.  We live 1200 miles, 20 hours away from each other.  This fact is a disturbance to me every time we see each other.  I could go on and on about how much they mean to me, but the fact is I am lucky to have them in my life.    So damn lucky.

Koda shout out

May 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

This nephew dog gets a post of his own.  He was supposed to be included in the  4 legged nephew and nieces post.  Unfortunately, I was having technical difficulties that day and he didn’t make it.  I decided he needed his own post.  He is my favorite 4 legged nephew.  He is my only 4 legged nephew.  Don’t tell the girls, but he is my favorite.  Koda has been around for as long as I can remember.  His attitude is that of an 80 year-old man, sort of grumpy and does what he wants…but he is a lover too. 

 His look can quickly change with a quick hair cut.  For my recent visit this was his look:

I love any look he has, long hair or short hair alike. 

Being my favorite, you would think I would have more photos of him.  I guess it is the age-old situation of getting more pictures of the “baby” and less of the older kids.  That is how this trip was, I guess.  I’ll have to work on that next time.

One of the best thing about Koda?  His snaggle teeth.  I love them.  It’s his own unique smile. 

 I always look forward to seeing Koda.  You might think all the barking from him as soon as you walk in the door is anger or grumpiness…but I think it is him saying, “Welcome to your home away from home again, April!  I missed you.”  Yep…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.